Pre-School & Pre-Primary


Raising confident, self- reliant individuals

With the aim to develop self dependent and confident individuals we focus on developing psychosocial competence in our youngest learners. The students are motivated towards adaptive and problem solving behavior by training them effectively to deal with the demands and challenges of their lives.


Instilling values…Sculpting characters

Values give directions and clear goals. To inculcate and imbibe values, a new value is introduced every month. Lessons and activities throughout the month revolve around the value of the month. Through this the basic guiding values settle deeply and firmly within all children.


Enhancing physical and mental health

With the aim to create awareness and imbibe habits that aid in the mental and physical upliftment of students, basic but life changing practices like meditation, knowledge of mudras, various yoga poses etc are introduced each month, which students are encouraged to practise on a regular basis


Commemorating our national icons

A nation is represented by its countrymen and acquainting children about the deeds of valour, service and patriotism of the greatest of the countrymen, acts as a source of inspiration and guidance for the little hearts. Thus details about a famous personality/freedom fighter/ special contributor is introduced to the children each month


Encouraging budding orators

Public speaking stands to be the most vital of skills in the current arena. In order to help children grow up with great oratory skills and the confidence to voice their opinions and ideas and influence others which acts as a perennial source of motivation and encouragement, speaking activities are organized each month.


Enhancing scientific temperament

Exposure to science activities from early years tap into the curiosity of children and develop the desire in them to explore, experiment and discover. This ultimately strengthens their problem-solving and analytical skills. To encourage children to question and develop an understanding of their environment, science experiment days are held each month which gives them a hands-on learning experience to experiment and develop scientific temperament.


Cultivating insight and gratitude

Organizing visits by community helpers aids kids in creating a feeling of identification and belonging in their local community. Children get to know about the roles and duties of this indispensable section of the society, the tools they use and the ways in which they carry out their jobs. It also helps in fostering compassion and social consciousness among these little youngsters.


Living the joy of eating together

Eating together is one of the oldest and most fundamentally unifying human experiences. With the aim to foster the habit of eating together as well as eating healthy, Treat Days are arranged each month. These encourage the development of bond among peers as well as help children get more independent.


Dwelling into the world of colours

During this early stage of development when the cognitive and aesthetic skills are gradually developing, introducing colours to the children can accelerate and strengthen this process. Hence, a particular colour is introduced each month and activities related to these colours are conducted for further emphasis and better retention.


Learning beyond the walls of the classroom

Children have an inquisitive mind which actually is curious and thirsty for knowledge. To quench their thirst, frequent field trips and excursions are planned. These excursions broaden the horizon of learning by giving first hand experience to the students. These allow them to be more imaginative and retain more information by visually experiencing the activities in a chosen environment.



Birthday, the day of utmost importance and exhilaration for each individual. Keeping the same in mind, this momentous day is celebrated for each child with great pleasure and fun on the last working day of each month. A cake cutting ceremony is organised for the students whose birthdays fall during the month.


We firmly believe in union with the roots of our culture and traditions. Festivals reflect our prevailing culture and the advancement of the society. We celebrate all festivals with great pomp and show as it provides the opportunity to connect the Vivians with the customs and developments of our society. Festivals not only bring students closer to each other's traditions and cultural beliefs, but also develops respect and understanding towards each other's beliefs.


We celebrate special days and festivals to nurture cultural bonds and reinforce our ethical values, actively contributing to the community. Celebrating these days foster a sense of community and appreciation for family. Students often engage in creative activities, such as crafting heartfelt cards or organizing special assemblies to honor the significant figures in their lives. These events not only strengthen their bonds with nature, society, humans etc but also instill values of gratitude and respect. It's a delightful way for children to express their love and acknowledge the important role that these forces play in shaping their lives.


Special Week celebration aims to foster a love for the subjects through a series of events and activities and the opportunity to research on varied topics. It provides a platform to the students to showcase their creativity and self-expression beyond the curriculum. All the students of a class participate in an intra class activity. The objective is 100% participation of the learners which boosts their confidence and enhances learning. Its aim is not to choose the best, but to help the students to overcome any fears they may have of the subject. As a result, they gain a solid understanding of the concepts and feel comfortable answering questions from their peers.