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Our Facilities


Our mission is to impart vibrant, comprehensive innovative learning to our students wherein the serene ambience inspires a love for reading. Information at the click of a fingertip invites the young users to delve into the magical world of words and the wealth of research material available.

Science Labs

A scientific temperament is fostered through fully equipped and befittingly designed laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students are encouraged to use the facilities for enhancing their innovative and scientific skills.

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Art Room

A dream world for kids where a swish of a paintbrush, or a little splotch of glue is all it takes to go from mundane to magnificent. Armed with a dash of colours and a whole lot of fun, discover easy-to-make art and craft projects that will brighten up your day.

Dance and Music Room

A separate well equipped Dance and Music Room with the required acoustics is ready to train the students in all forms of dancing, ranging from the traditional dance forms to the modern Cha ChaCha, Salsa, Jive and many more and listen to the pleasant sound (vocal or instrumental) that leads students to experience harmony and higher happiness.

Math Lab

Our Math Lab supports to learn and understand mathematics better. To accomplish this we strive to provide students with an atmosphere that is friendly, welcoming, and that helps them to become independent learners.

Granny's Corner - Story Area

To create magic and a sense of wonder at the world and to dwell an innate love for stories, a story area is created for the kids to listen to various stories and share their favourite ones too.

Enrichment Centre - Montessori Lab

The Montessori lab caters to the diverse interests and abilities; nurtures the potentials of the children. The lab is designed to provide hands-on practical experience to the little ones. Here the children's fledging creative skills are encouraged and enhanced.

Outdoor Play Area

Outdoor play area is a place where children's play can take off and flourish. The play area is large enough and designed in such a way that children's play can come to full expression, where children can make a mess, run, jump, hide and can even shout, whistle, explore and learn.

Language Lab

The language lab facilitates classroom engagement and interaction via computer-based exercises and activities to maximize language immersion.Language labs also provide scope for using English language through games and practice exercises to polish concepts learnt during classroom sessions.

ICT Facilities

State of art ICT laboratories, for the primary, middle and senior levels, help foster technological skills. Students design websites and create software programs, in keeping with international requirements.

Atal Tinkering Laboratories (ATL)

With a vision to cultivate one million children as innovators. The objective of this scheme that is to foster curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds; and inculcate skills such as design mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing etc.


Sports is a way of life. A variety of sports facilities are provided to the students based on their needs and interests because we believe in the maxim - 'A sound mind lives in a healthy body', which is a pre-requisite to scholastic and co-scholastic achievements.

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"Wish to give a wing, give a stage " Vivekanand School provides stage to the talent and voice to the inquisitives to tantalize the audience and let their confidence echo from each corner of the auditorium. Our auditorium space is designed to accommodate around 650 seating arrangement. As such it tend to have a wide spans in order to accommodate seating, sidelines and acoustical requirements. Raised stage, carpeted  floor, special lighting equipment and proportionally lined sound effects with other highly advanced technologies enhance all the performances staged.

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