Infrastructure & Facilities

English Language Lab

Language Lab immerses the learner through rigorous programming of blended learning. It facilitates classroom engagement and interaction via computer-based exercises and activities to maximize language involvement and usage. Language labs also provide scope for using English language through games and practice exercises to polish concepts learnt during classroom sessions.

Science Labs

A scientific temperament is fostered through fully equipped and befittingly designed laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students engross in hypothesis and predictions are observed and recorded to witness the open and varied dimensions of research and results. Alongwith advanced equipments and resources, all the safety measures are taken care of for carefree and exclusive experimentation.School ensures that practical knowledge is placed on an equal footing with theoretical knowledge for the all-round development of the students.

ICT Facilities

The advanced ICT Laboratories available for the primary, middle and senior school helps foster technological skills among the Vivians. Students are trained and encouraged to use a diverse set of ICT tools to communicate, create, disseminate, store, and manage information. Students' technological skills are sharpened by helping them learn to design websites and create software programs inorder to keep pace with international requirements.

Story Area

To create magic and a sense of wonder in an imaginary world and to develop innate love for stories, a story area is created for the kids to listen to various stories and share their favourite ones too.

Atal Tinkering Laboratories (ATL)

Vivekanand School boasts of being among the selected schools for establishing the Atal Tinkering Laboratory under the Government Program- Atal Innovation Mission. The well equipped Atal Tinkering Laboratory stands to be the workspace where students realize their ideas through hands-on mode and also acquire innovation skills. Curiosity, reactivity and imagination is cultivated among Vivians by inculcating skills like computational thinking, adaptive learning and physical computing to groom them as innovators.

Vivekanand school was awarded the prestigious Atal Tinkering Lab School of the month (May) 2023.

Enrichment Centre - Montessori Lab

To enhance children's learning through discovery and play-based exploration, our exciting Montessori Lab offers fun learning activities like-Pretend Play, Sensory and Tactile Play, Block Play, Puppet Theatre, Practical Life Experience. All classes too are set up with enhancement corners, giving children the opportunity to engage in skills of their choice before they all are brought together for the circle time, a daily practice, which helps strengthen the teacher-students bond and eases their anxiety thus enhancing their comfortability.

Outdoor Kids Zone

Our kids zone is a place where children's enthusiasm reaches its zenith. The brightly coloured, inviting play station with baby safe flooring, padded slides, swings, various ramps, stairs and climbing frames make it the school's paradise for the tiniest Vivians. Children run, jump, slide, swing, hide, shout, explore and learn.


We greatly emphasize and work to develop and enhance the habit of reading among all Vivians. This aim is fulfilled through the opportunity for reading offered at various levels like physical library, online library as well as class library.

Our mission to provide a serene ambience to our students which develops and inspires a love for reading is achieved through our marvellously stocked, well maintained physical library, which harbours nearly 8500 books that can be issued by all students.

Our online library offers students information at the click of a fingertip, making the issue of books far more quick, convenient and free from time constraints for placing requests for books.

Our well maintained class libraries encourage our young users to delve into the magical world of words and stories during their free time. Children are encouraged to indulge in some short reads in order to involve them constructively, develop a connect with the world of books as well as utilise each moment of school time judiciously.

Art Enclosure

In order to help students develop their creative, cognitive and aesthetic skills by sharpening talents like drawing, sketching, coloring and painting, a suitable and inviting environment is provided through our vibrant and attractive art enclosures. Armed with a dash of colours and a whole lot of fun, here they discover easy- to-make art and craft projects to brighten up the day.

Dance and Music Vicinity

Our well equipped seperate rooms for dance and music are equipped with the required acoustics which aids most aptly in training the students in all forms of dance and music, ranging from the traditional and Indian dance and music forms to the modern and western beats.

Energy Centre

The word yoga means "to yoke" or "union". Yoga is the fusion of one's individual self with the infinite universal consciousness. To strengthen the core of Vivians, a well-lit and ventilated Yogshala has been incorporated in the school premises. It will aid in promoting strength, stamina, endurance and high energy at the physical and spiritual aspects.

Open Gym

Health and well being of Vivians is utmost priority at school, for the same an open gym is an add on feature post pandemic as it reduces the chances of infections and also ensures a daily dose of sunshine that in turn improves immunity, intake of Vitamin D and sets circadian rhythm in place.

Sports Hub

With well trained instructors, coaches, latest equipments, indoor and outdoor courts students are trained in Lawn Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Chess, Cricket, Football and Badminton.

Ideation Room

An exuberant and exhilarating ideation room is the essential part of our school which provides the facility to ponder upon the new and old policies to take appropriate decisions favouring the growth and development of Vivians.

Sculpture Hub

By shaping, combing, carving the material students give wings to their imagination and boost their creativity. It augments and strengthens the connection between brain and fingers.


"Wish to give a wing, give a stage " Vivekanand School provides stage to the talent and voice to the inquisitives to tantalize the audience and let their confidence echo from each corner of the auditorium. Our auditorium space is designed to accommodate around 650 seating arrangement. As such it tends to have a wide spans in order to accommodate seating, sidelines and acoustical requirements. Raised stage, carpeted floor, special lighting equipment and proportionally lined sound effects with other highly advanced technologies enhance all the performances staged.

Smart Classes

All our classrooms are equipped with smart boards that make the teaching- learning process interactive and interesting. The latest advancements in the field of education, aided with innovative methodology are employed to make the learning journey more inviting and fruitful.

Air Conditioned Classrooms

Appropriately air conditioned classrooms with a good indoor climate makes students comfortable thus leading to improved concentration and better learning outcomes.