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"The very essence of play takes you beyond daily routine and for a short while suspends you in timeless time"

To encourage the sense of team-spirit, belongingness, and leadership skills and to channelize the stamina in productive direction, various games courts and fields are designed matching the level of definite requirement and pattern.

Volleyball Court

Professionally designed and built Volleyball court has a big impact on how well one plays the game. It is surrounded by free-zone which allows free and swift service. It provides players a knowledge about the rules for Court Dimensions that helps games and matches run flawless and more smoothly and the players too develop the sense of spirit and ethos.


Considering basketball match as one of the most popular competitive games, the best quality basketball court with a proper sports floor is provided to our young players. This offers the users a better athletic performance to practice, game moves and skills such as dribbling, passing, layups, jump shots, free throws, shooting pivoting etc. They practice regularly to improve their technique, footwork and tactics of the game.

Tennis Court

To sharpen their playing skills in Tennis , Vivians extract and opportunity to practice for double or single matches at Tennis Court. It is a venue designed with defined stretches and mountings that enables to coach themselves for Zonal, State and National level matches. The floor of the court is favourable in supporting all kinds of strokes and spin for a more dynamic game.

Football Field

Plotted and fenced as per the Law of the Game. Our football field is stretched to provide our players enough space to score their destination. In the vivacious and high spirited genre, youth uplift their morale by involving and indulging in numerous activities. Football is one among those that teaches them to be connected with the team and rely on each other's proficiency. Vivekanand School unfolds their wishes and offers them a platform to design their future.

Cricket Field

A large grassy, ovoidal shaped ground with curved boundaries makes our cricket field perfectly conducive to play matches and also honing students gaming spirit and determining their stamina and adroitness. It encourages the players to play for longer interludes to constructively utilize their time with great vitality.


The right dimensions ensure the right plying space. Firmly understanding this theory and with a well recognised knowledge of the standard dimensions of the court, Vivekanand School has designed a Badminton court for singles and doubles plays. It ensures that the court can be used for tournament and gives it a wider recognition to each gain and foul.

Table Tennis

A sport that develops quick reactions, strategic thinking and persistence in ones personality. Vivekanand School encourages its students to develop aforesaid qualities through fun and frolics and eventually they learn to compete to be the best. The school provides a well arranged and structured ambience with around 4 Table Tennis Boards to practice the game under the abled guidance of a well experience and trained coach.