Vivekanand - Prinicipal

We often hear the phrase, “Future is yours". This is definitely true but only if you treat your present sagaciously. We know that the demands from the students are higher than they ever were and it is therefore even more pertinent that we make changes in the present, enhance our technology so that we can help them keep pace in the fast moving global scenario.

In order to ensure this consistent development, we have made significant changes in our school campus over the years. We have refurbished our computer labs, brought in new devices and have given it a facelift.

The advent of 'smart class' as a teaching tool has added novelty to the learning process. Our classrooms are learner centered. The school has achieved many new heights and we are proud of our achievements we will continue to strive on the path of our success and achieve milestones.

With Best Wishes
- Mrs.Sanjana Mahajan (Principal)

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