Vivekanand - Prinicipal Preet Vihar

Today we are living in a time when old ways are giving way to the new ideas. The new age parents are eager to equip their children to lead the best possible life and forge an independent destiny for themselves. This involves a very binding relationship between a parent and the child.

To help our students to achieve this aim the school puts its best forward. The children have to be nurtured very carefully. If we want to improve a child it is not by sheer scolding but by touching the heart with love and affection.

We at Vivekanand never forge that each child is an enquirer, an investigator and an analyzer with an insatiable curiosity which needs to be appeased.I wish success and happiness to my dear students, teachers and parents for the forthcoming session.

With Best Wishes
- Dr. Neelam Gupta (Principal)

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