Vivekanand - Manager

At Vivekanand School, the most precious resource is our children. We are committed to our passion for the individual success of each child. We impart the necessary skills to help the children become competent and outstanding citizens. High quality education, a warm, supportive, secure and nurturing environment makes our school a wonderful place to learn, work and enable children to experience academic success at the next level and beyond. To ensure this success, the Vivekanand fraternity is dedicated to the use of sound instructional practices and high quality instructional materials, including the integration of technology throughout the curriculum. Students have the ability to go beyond the 'basics' through the use of technology. Educomp smart classes have made learning a funfilled experience.We look forward to this new session with great anticipation and excitement. We will collectively continue to provide the best to all our children.

With Best Wishes
- Mr. Pradyumn Ahuja (Chairman)

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