S.U.P.W i.e Socially Useful Productive Work is an integral part of a school’s curriculum as it helps the child to use his power of imagination, to express his thoughts, ideas and impressions through various activities, to develop his skills and to help the child to show his potentiality and originality. Also, the inclusion of SUPW in the School curriculum aims at enhancing the all round, fullest possible developments of each child, thus enabling to successfully cope with the ever changing demands and challenges of the world around him.


To achieve all these objectives , our school has introduced some new and vibrant activities as a part of S.U.P.W. And for all these activities, the school has tied up with experts from different fields and various renowned institutions.

Also, the school is providing an opportunity to the students to learn Hockey under the guidance of Mr. Pramodh Batlaw, former Indian International hockey player.

For classes IV and V we have 14 S.U.P.W.activities which are: For classes VI – VIII , we have S.U.P.W
activities which are as follows :
For classes IX & X , we have the following S.U.P.W activities :
Classical dance Synthesizer/ Casio Interior decoration
Western dance Guitar Fashion designing
Origami Painting Architecture & interior designing
Robotics Craft & origami Animation
Skating Aero-modelling Film-making
Cricket Robotics Aero modelling
Table Tennis Skating Robotics
Abacus Taekwondo Theater
Band School Band Fine arts
Art & Craft Dance Psychology
Keyboard Casio School band
Guitar Vocal music
Vocal music Classical dance
Theater Western dance

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