Vivekanand school, in process of continuing evolution, has a mission which is inspired by a dream to save society; planting seeds of patriotism; providing holistic education in assimilating new frontiers of knowledge and discovering the countries of skills and competencies in the quest for excellence, as valuable instruments of service to the nation.

Like a sculptor who chisels a piece of stone into a beautiful statue, we nurture our kids to enable them to create a better tomorrow.
The horizon is ever widening……
New ventures, new ideas rise and take shape every day.

In today’s world times, when culture and traditions witness paradigm shifts, Guru shishya parampara thrives here, with its celebrated dignity, where students imbibe values and make choices freely, by living in an atmosphere of freedom created by the school, where environment is conducive for development of good human qualities.


Vivekanand School, now in glorious existence for 40 years, has humbly offered valuable contribution to society through imparting excellence in Education, with a belief that permanence only leads to mediocrity, while change is the harbinger of distinction.

Vivekanand School seeks to provide a learning environment which is positive, supportive yet challenging thus allowing our students to achieve their personal best and to become responsible global citizens. Our vision is to enable educators, parents and members of the community to unite in our efforts to empower our students to become lifelong learners, productive citizens and community leaders. We continually explore opportunities to provide optimal learning experiences, for all students to become responsible, global citizens. We strive to inculcate the right values to be perseverant and futurist, where leaders are cultivated, talents recognized and convictions understood for the creation and sustenance of knowledge. The ethos of the school is deeply embedded in its motto, 'Virtue and Knowledge'. It is a concept that emphatically influences the value system and is deeply etched in the heart of every Vivian as they look upon the school, the community the nation and the world as a part of the whole family of mankind with this futuristic vision, We continually endeavour and strive in our odyssey to success.

Our partner in education