CLUBS –Parivartan

The concept defined clubs bring out the creative genius of children by exposing them to life size situations and industry tour. They stage plays to sensitize society, conduct eco drives, organize rallies, debate and discuss socially, politically and environmentally relevant issues organize symposiums and seminars. Besides, they provide platform to help the students make their presence felt on a larger scene of life by spreading awareness and evoking social responsibility. The Saksham Club’s visit and contribution to Help Age India, Goonj, Parivartan Club’s Youth Sensitization against drugs are a few initiatives out of many. Quest sharpens quizzical skills in children and Converge flourishes their creative acumen and in Sigma Club is based on fun filled logical and mathematical activities to enhance the students' knowledge and interest in math subject. All the clubs are throbbing with relevant activities. Aawaaz Club the musical club. The club meetings take place every Monday,Wednesday and Friday.

Aawaaz Club

Talent does what it can do; genius does what it must do!  We have an abundant reserve of talent in our school. Unfortunately, these talented personalities come and go unexplored, due to the excessive pressure of their studies and social expectations. Aawaaz Club provides a platform for the students to exhibit their inherent vocal abilities.


  • Identify the musical talent reserve existing in the school

  • Make a musical choir with singers and LIVE instrument players

  • Provide a platform for the budding performing artistes

  • Spread an aptitude for music throughout the school that can be used as a tool to remove stress from life


  • Rigorous auditions to identify the representatives of the club, to ensure the choice to be the best with appropriate students

  • Give equal importance to Aptitude as well as Attitude

  • Wide variety of songs to be prepared for various in house celebrations and inter school competitions

  • Prepare students to identify the talent of the school and contribute to develop a talent database

MUN Club

MUN club aims to promote skills of debating, International diplomacy and knowledge of current affairs among Vivians. Besides learning the essence of leadership, it promotes a spirit of inquiry and thrust for knowledge in young minds. Our objective is to create statesmen of tomorrow. The children are given a forum to hone their skills and present their point of views on various international issues and take stand on the same. For if you stand for nothing, you fall for anything.


• The name of the club itself tells about its motto. It is a club where students learn techniques to use the computers in a much more effective manner to express their creativity with the help of various types of software tools.
• Thus the club aims to make the students tech-savvy. Here the students learn different kinds of skills with the help of softwares like ppt, postcard designing, interlinking, web-designing etc.

• The club participates in several intra-school competitions. In near future, its aim is to participate the inter-school events also to spread the glory of the Vivekanand School in Delhi.
• The Club organises workshops and training programs for the students. It would be able to add more technology in the school curriculum.
• Club does liasoning between the school’s activity and candour.It tries to make the website of the school more interactive and useful.

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